Long Ago . . .

I loved to write here on Indomitable Woman . . . once upon a time.

I never knew how, what, where and why but I wrote for a while. Until I got lost in my writing to pursue other ventures. I have realised that even if and when you have moved on to pursue ”other ventures”, please, never abandon what you once loved or adored. That’s why I am back on here to continue pursuing this venture I adored, adore.

I’m hoping my subscribers, readers, followers and haters will be back to subscribe, read, follow, hate and comment too. I would love to write more here, so I’m thinking of posting thrice per week or often than that.

I dislike schedules because they confuse me, so let me say, as often as I can. So, know you’ll never lack something new to read each week. Something rich, vibrant, enormous, mind-wrecking, havoc causer, name it.

In this blog, I dedicated my time and effort to create it for the woman. I haven’t changed that because the woman is a dear topic to me and I know it well. I will feature the frugal fashionista as I had always done but it will be new and full of insightful moments from things I have learnt over the past three years. I will also include a new topic! Men. Why do we not talk about out men? This time, I will. I will talk about our men, the forgotten species. Be sure to check that segment out!

I will feature my journey in pregnancy, post pregnancy, pre pregnancy, what I learnt and I’m learning. The solutions I received. I will post pictures of my post pregnancy body. In this segment, I will reveal some secrets. Secrets I have been keeping away, how I overcame them, how I’m dealing with issues. So, for pregnant women, those planning on getting pregnant, please read, subscribe, comment anonymously because, we all have ”our issues”. The problem is who will hear, who cares . . . this blog does! We got your issues covered – anonymously.

A crafting segment will open up where I will discuss with you, what I am learning. What I am doing to make money, how I am doing it. I won’t reveal things I haven’t experimented yet but sharing for other women and men to try on isn’t bad, is it?

One surprising topic will meet my subscribers every day. Stay tuned, click subscribe and come back. This is where I learnt blogging, never made money on it, but would love to give it a go, see where it takes me.

Got writing jobs for me, send them my way. We can discuss the payment. I will include my address where you’ll get me. I love to talk – too much because I enjoy talking with you.

Thank you for listening . . . hoping to see you again for exciting adventure here on indomitable woman. Send my way suggestions for improvement, critics, annoyances and what not. Always looking forward to hearing from you.


Nairobi attack.

My heartfelt condolences to the family friends of the bereaved but we,in one way or another have been greatly affected today and so many others due to search attacks.
I hope a solution will be found to curb future attacks,we are tired of these attackers and their demonstration of ‘power’. This is a sign of human weakness,how do you kill innocent shoppers in a mall? Man up and kill in broad daylight then,so we know how serious you are,but stop killing children,you don’t have a right to kill anyone!
Please try to keep calm as the solution is trying to be found,keep following the news too.

Why suicide is not an option.

Who has ever experienced disheartening moments in their lives and are contemplating suicide? Failed jobs,too many liars,failed love,a divorce…why is my marriage falling? How do i deal with such loss? I am certain we all have had our downsides.
I always come here with good news…there are reasons why you must never think suicide.For example,look at Job from the bible,for those going to be offended by my bible talk please try to listen to all sides,you never know where solutions can come from.Job lost all he had,all his wealth and riches,all he had ever worked for but did he at one time curse or blame God? Did he wish he would die? Did he wish he never lived? No,No,NO…Instead,he kept praising God for all He had done for him,for all the good things that he had had in his life.Keep in mind Job also was ill,suffering from leprosy.After all these was over,all the mockery he got from Satan,he never despaired but kept hoping and saying that all happens for a reason and that soon he knew that it will be good.
Now,think of yourself as Job,having great health,great life,kids,marriage and house…all these are world possessions,no one will carry them to the grave.Love is gone,or death has occurred,never ever want to kill yourself,this is against the will of God.We can never be like Job,i know,but it takes a courageous person,to accept to move on from any saddening life event.Just like Job,give thanks to even the ‘littlest’ thing.Thank Him for what He has always done for you all this while.Look back and say,even if am not there,am glad,i have at least had it all.
Life is precious and full of second,third and even endless chances and opportunities.God is too.SO,before jumping off that cliff,or river or taking those sedatives or any other way,think of the awesome things you will lose,think of the risk of never dying,think of the grief.Stop being selfish,the world needs you,we need you,your family needs you.Why are you then going before time? Stop being too hard on yourself,give yourself more chances,stop running away from your hurdles,face it[them],with a smile.It never lasts long,it only depends on what and how you want to deal with challenges.Whatever hatred saves the number.
Remember,we only live once,make the right choices and decisions.We have stages of growth too,embrace them all,a challenge is a stage of growth and opportunity.Hug these blessings in disguise,because they never last so long and after all is gone,life comes back to normal.Those who said,there is light at the end of the tunnel,summarised my writing.


What is making you sulk? Is it your job,not finding a spouse,not being where you want to be in terms of your goal?I have the solution with me…smile.Do you know that a smile spells confidence,love and overcome?Do wear a charming smile everywhere at all times and sure you will have so many friends or strangers approaching to ask a question.
Be sure to leave a positive mark on someone behind you with an angel’s smile. Smile is a charming welcome to your world.Someone may ask,why do you ear smiles in this tough economy?All is hard,life is a struggle and yet your face lights up,tell them it is because you chose to live life smiling and care less of the economy.Take a day at a time and live your day with a smile.

Those who surround you,encourage them to lessen up the wrinkles and frowns…tell them the advantages of a smile. A smile is a blessing and of you can achieve it,let others see it’s importance.We understand that we can’t be equals no matter what,but,picture this…you have a dire problem,like a financial crisis,then you meet a hungry person who looks so hopeless and helpless,try smiling at them,buy something for them to eat.you will see a face light up.Then tell them it is not them, you too have problems,no matter how smartly dressed you are. Or see a dying patient,who never takes off a smile on their face compare that patient with your frowning face,then ask yourself,who should be crying,you because you don’t have that designer shoe you have been craving or this person who has been told they have three months to live?

Look at yourself and say you are content with where you are now and what you are,if you see tomorrow,make someone smile and smile too as much as possible.Let not anything or anyone make you inferior or sad,keep smiling and do it with all your heart. Have a charming evening and goodnight to those who are sleeping.I hope to catch up with you again…with a smile of an angel!!!Keep talking i respond to everyone…floor is yours now…

Sunday is a reflection day

What do you do on this day? It is certainly the only day of the week when you have time to reflect on what to do the coming week,time to make amends and time for self improvements in preparation for a new week. Bonding with family in different ways with kids or family members,must be put into consideration.
It is also time to prepare for a more productive week ahead.Find time to bond with God,yourself and simply have a me time.You could also find some fun activities to do on this day like some baking of bread or trying a new dish or just relax in bed,depending on what works with you or for you.Some sites also have identified some ways to spend this free day,find time to read and see what is cool for you,it may trigger an awesome activity which can become a family tradition after a while.



Prayers are powerful


Sometimes,when we are down but never out,the only consolation is God. In prayers,we conquer all,never despair my friends.I love you all, i hopefully pray for us to meet again tomorrow in fresh mind,fresh heart.
Meanwhile,for those who are still awake,keep the St.Francis prayer somewhere and each day,plant a seed of hope,love,honesty,faith and encouragement.Keep reminding people that whatever they do,they are awesome.
Be blessed and stay blessed,much love from me to you darlings.

Domestic quarell

Recently, there is an increase in men being killed or women being slain in cold blood. These trend is worrying. You stop to ask yourself what is going on here and what s lacking in these marriages or partnership. I say, if you are not compatible or the love is gone, please let the person go rather than kill, murder. Who are you? His mother or father? His parents? His family? Stop with the killings, you are not a life giver the one responsible for taking other people’s lives is God and God alone. No matter how long you have been in your relationship of have given your life into it to build your love, never ever kill. It is wrong and this will haunt you forever for sure. Let God take control.

Keep telling yourself that no matter what, you deserved and deserve the best so never belittle yourself by killing someone. Pick yourself up and run,run,run.Mend life ahead and make the most of it,stop being around people who make you so angry.Love who you are.

Keep praying for strength and keep saying that you did your best to make your marriage or relationship work…never be too hard on yourself. Be strong and say that your children will be the biggest loser if anything bad happens.