Don’t Steal!

Never take something that is not yours,well,that is what we all were told when we were little.At least that way you will not be in trouble with things that are not yours.I know this,trust me.To women,who wait up and take other women’s husbands,wait until you get married and some woman take your man away from you.I did not take a man away from his woman but it was too late i realised I got pregnant for a married man and that was the reason he never really bothered to take care of his kid.He never had time for me and he never will.A married man has responsibilities,his kids,his wife,relatives,jobs and other things to attend to and make use of his family duties.Do not break a home or karma will definitely catch up with you.Wait until God brings your man or husband along and don’t wait for another woman’s husband.


Let’s Talk…

Just my two cents…If a man doesn’t love you please cut us the slack and move on!Stop,I mean STOP hanging on him like some cow infested tick,okay girls?I once was pretending to be in love with the guy who got me pregnant,though he had made it clear that he would never take care of a bastard, I thought that I was in love,but please…I let me be treated like some piece of cow shit…too bad I had to say that in white.It pains me to see women treated so so bad and still hang on there and keep defending the men behind their misery.I tolerated crap for almost three years yet  I was not even loved and it showed it and it did not even matter to him that I was getting hurt.Thank God I overcame it and as my man would say it,Tack Gud(Thank God),I came over it and my stupid behaviour.It only takes a courageous woman to admit her mistakes and true inner feelings and thoughts and try to encourage others that all shall be well in future,as long as you hold on and try to become prayerful.

Personal Overview 2

I had to fight and keep going up but did I really have the strength to go up?No I dint.I started looking for easy way out of my life situations.I had to contact the guy who got me pregnant,and  alas!!!He was not ready to take a whore-of-a-lady-supposed,University student in!I was shocked as he was the only one I knew I could turn to,unfortunately.I had no job and jobs are not so forthcoming in my country,especially if you are not a graduate.I was also in trouble and opted the easy way out and yes I almost had it.I was offered a “job” by the guy.That I was to earn my salary after sleeping with him and  I thought I have nothing to lose here.I submitted myself to him and he used me bad.I was worthless in any human face and I felt so hurt by my actions and by what I had done to my body.

After a while,I got over it,tried to get a job here and there but in vain,finally I started working as a volunteer.I realised the value of a woman body and the sanctity of the Human body.It is a special thing given to us by God and it MUST NEVER be taken for granted.What do some women or even men do,we jokingly play with our bodies.I am not here to judge but try as much as I can to encourage us to  preserve our bodies.If it is sex,do it with one partner,one who you are dedicated and committed to…do not do it with any random man or woman who is not concerned of your body.For example,i had random sex,casual as we call it,but what happened later?I felt so worthless and worthless and worthless.I learnt that if you are not sticking to one sexual partner,quit doing sex.If it is not your dedicated husband sex,anyhow…Okay?Stay Blessed and keep reading

My Personal Overview

As an Indomitable Woman,learn to face life head-on. Having been through a lot in this life at a tender age,I have learnt to be a woman of character,unchallenged and am never brought down by any life situation or circumstance.I gave birth to my girl now aged 4 years old when I was a little inexperienced,at 20.I was a college student and not ready to face life in my pregnant situation.I never appreciated my situation,i faced rejection and isolation and was branded a LOSER.I lost hope for quite a while and i also got it in my mind,head and heart that I had,have no purpose in this life.I decided to make a step suddenly after been thrown out of the house by my biological dad because according to him in their culture “a woman who gets pregnant out of wedlock is to be married off immediately,to a man chosen by him,the father of the family”.I was shocked,my father is supposed to defend me and be the learned man I looked up to but in…!!!I started looking at options to live life and live it no matter what!What I have learnt so far is this,without much support especially from people we love and trust and believe in,we simply lose it!lose it,big time!

Look out for the next post as I continue to unravel to you my smooth transition of learning life and life situations.See you then,Senare(later).