My Personal Overview

As an Indomitable Woman,learn to face life head-on. Having been through a lot in this life at a tender age,I have learnt to be a woman of character,unchallenged and am never brought down by any life situation or circumstance.I gave birth to my girl now aged 4 years old when I was a little inexperienced,at 20.I was a college student and not ready to face life in my pregnant situation.I never appreciated my situation,i faced rejection and isolation and was branded a LOSER.I lost hope for quite a while and i also got it in my mind,head and heart that I had,have no purpose in this life.I decided to make a step suddenly after been thrown out of the house by my biological dad because according to him in their culture “a woman who gets pregnant out of wedlock is to be married off immediately,to a man chosen by him,the father of the family”.I was shocked,my father is supposed to defend me and be the learned man I looked up to but in…!!!I started looking at options to live life and live it no matter what!What I have learnt so far is this,without much support especially from people we love and trust and believe in,we simply lose it!lose it,big time!

Look out for the next post as I continue to unravel to you my smooth transition of learning life and life situations.See you then,Senare(later).


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