Let’s Talk…

Just my two cents…If a man doesn’t love you please cut us the slack and move on!Stop,I mean STOP hanging on him like some cow infested tick,okay girls?I once was pretending to be in love with the guy who got me pregnant,though he had made it clear that he would never take care of a bastard, I thought that I was in love,but please…I let me be treated like some piece of cow shit…too bad I had to say that in white.It pains me to see women treated so so bad and still hang on there and keep defending the men behind their misery.I tolerated crap for almost three years yet  I was not even loved and it showed it and it did not even matter to him that I was getting hurt.Thank God I overcame it and as my man would say it,Tack Gud(Thank God),I came over it and my stupid behaviour.It only takes a courageous woman to admit her mistakes and true inner feelings and thoughts and try to encourage others that all shall be well in future,as long as you hold on and try to become prayerful.


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