Personal Overview 2

I had to fight and keep going up but did I really have the strength to go up?No I dint.I started looking for easy way out of my life situations.I had to contact the guy who got me pregnant,and  alas!!!He was not ready to take a whore-of-a-lady-supposed,University student in!I was shocked as he was the only one I knew I could turn to,unfortunately.I had no job and jobs are not so forthcoming in my country,especially if you are not a graduate.I was also in trouble and opted the easy way out and yes I almost had it.I was offered a “job” by the guy.That I was to earn my salary after sleeping with him and  I thought I have nothing to lose here.I submitted myself to him and he used me bad.I was worthless in any human face and I felt so hurt by my actions and by what I had done to my body.

After a while,I got over it,tried to get a job here and there but in vain,finally I started working as a volunteer.I realised the value of a woman body and the sanctity of the Human body.It is a special thing given to us by God and it MUST NEVER be taken for granted.What do some women or even men do,we jokingly play with our bodies.I am not here to judge but try as much as I can to encourage us to  preserve our bodies.If it is sex,do it with one partner,one who you are dedicated and committed to…do not do it with any random man or woman who is not concerned of your body.For example,i had random sex,casual as we call it,but what happened later?I felt so worthless and worthless and worthless.I learnt that if you are not sticking to one sexual partner,quit doing sex.If it is not your dedicated husband sex,anyhow…Okay?Stay Blessed and keep reading


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