I love using I in all my statements as all the experiences in here are mostly what I have gone through or what I have seen or seen people go through.Life taught me things earlier at 20.My life changed immediately I got pregnant,the changes were too swift that sometime they passed me by, I sometime felt like giving up but I always managed to stand up and go.I have also learnt that a thing at a time is normally the best way to go through life and discovering who you really are and the channel you want your life to take,being more self confident and NEVER giving up.It is even much better when you go through rough challenges when you are younger as the early challenges will definitely toughen you up!The corrections that you will make when young are greater much better more mature and you will never be afraid to face anything or anyone.What one needs is self,God family and more self belief.Challenge yourself as a youth and know what you want to achieve.After all is said and done ask yourself ‘do you want to age,get weaker bones in order for you to actualise your dreams?’A great singer once sung,I quote “Vunja mifupa kama bado meno iko”,i mean work extremely hard when your body can and not when the bones of your body are so fragile.Do you agree?I love to live by this song.I break my ,bones now,I work harder now and relax in my old age,to enjoy the fruits of my youth.Every opportunity presented to you that is an eye opener,please use it and do not let it pass.What do you think?


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