Very bold?Yes and am daring my followers to write anything they believe contributes or add to the value of this article.I go ogled the word and this is the definition I got that really fits what am about to talk about. According to #Wikipedia,Prostitution is defined as the #business or practice of providing #sexual services to another person in return for #payment. The person who receives payment for sexual services is a #prostitute or #sex worker.This is the #world’s oldest #profession.There is #Sex tourism,travelling from developed to #underdeveloped #nations to engage in sexual activity with #prostitutes…wow.Why the need to prostitute,one may ask,but do you find real valid answers anyway?I do and I don’t but everyone got their own personal opinions to justify or be against #prostitution.Please stay with me as i talk of this topic which will be met with lots of criticism and I welcome all contributions,please keep it clean.


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