#Reasons for #sexual working Part 1

Money,money,money…Is that always reason enough to give one’s body to get easy #money while there are many jobs out there?Someone will say give me a  job then and I will stop my ways.Here I go,who said that you must be employed to have a decent job?#Self employ and see the magic,very serious topic for another day,OK?I encourage women to reserve their bodies as “#the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit”,to be reserved and not be used anyhow.The problem here is that some men or women in this lucrative business often find it very hard to quit and start something new.The easy #money,the #networking,the #high life?Surely and sincerely speaking,who would want to quit such nice life for nothing or be a beginner in a new business?You may ask!

Once #prostitution was a #woman’s business but the tables have turned and there are men,#men targeting high flying career or businessman/woman,hence the female customers facing stiff competition from their male counterparts.Young girls,as young as 9 are engaging in this societal menace,reason(s),my parents pushed me to it or my dad forced me out of the house and I had to survive or i did not have any other means for catering for my siblings and#sex working was my way out.Or my parents died and I had to find some means to survive…like really?Sure? Are these reasons to validate #prostitution?What has our society become?easy ways to make money and survive have become the norm to the extent of validating with reasons?Would you advocate for #legalisation of prostitution?Is it necessary?Would it make Prostitution easier,by easier  I mean operating in very favourable conditions like  applying for an office job?and getting paid at the end of week or two or month?Will it reduce #joblessness?Your in put is of importance…Keep reading beautiful people…UP NEXT…


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