Ways to be classy

A classy woman keeps her cool,I am not saying that you shouldn’t get angry or yell or fight back,be composed,show people you are human.Sometimes walk out of demeaning   or unfavourable situations,don’t justify yourself  especially if it is a shouting contest.Be confident let people know that you are a coward and even ridicule you but don’t give people pleasure to see your level of arrogance.A woman of class carries herself with great poise is admirable.Don’t walk around like the world is against you.Walk with shoulders held high no matter what,in confidence no matter your situation or what is bringing you down. People in their subconscious,are aware of a well poised classy woman.Be real please in the way of exuding class and confidence.What am i talking about,cry when a relative dies,cry when a beloved dog or cat is ailing,cry when your husband or beloved people are undergoing difficult times,be there with them.Laugh,yell,shout do what a real human does in reality no matter how classy.Contrary to societal belief a classy woman who is real attracts the realest of crowds and is sure a crowd puller

STOP being masculine,am not saying that men masculinity is not expression.I mean it’s a world of #Independent chic women,who assume that crying or emotional expressions of one’s feelings is STUPID,WEAK.A classy woman stands tall and shows people that am not masculine am human and I am proud of who I am.Please be a woman who observes strict hygiene and personal grooming.Trim nails if they are not well manicured,pedicured.Remove chipping nail polish and re apply fresh coat.Do it at home it is a way of bonding with oneself.Comb or brush hair if kept natural,replace weaves and wigs and don’t over stay with them,this isn’t classy,it’s being dirty and unkempt and it’s a real turn off.Shave your armpit,trim your private hairs and shave any unwanted hair in face or legs.Classy women have a sense of humour and to be honest they NEVER put down any one who tries to outshine because in this world there are people who know better than you and experience.

Listening is part of it too…for example am explaining something and someone thinks,that is too boring or I know better than she does,oh please everyone has something to say and offer.Listen so that people will give you an ear when you got something to say to them and want an ear.A classy woman is Independent and not necessarily one who relies on others man or women to do things for her.She clearly and articulates what is in her mind and tries in her level best to understand people are different and have different opinions.There is an air of sexiness in a classy woman and it comes out of her personality and the beauty of her heart and soul.Don’t copy  a fashion or trends in trendy magazines,why don’t you make your own fashion statement.

After all is said,I love classy examples of notable women like First Lady Madam Margaret Kenyatta,Michelle Obama and Catherine Zeta Jones.They are simple and down to earth yet they have all the qualities of a Classy chic woman.In conclusion,Be real,be you and exude class,this NEVER fades.All in all God is the best example and guideline you MUST have in being classy!!!Long write but I love this and  I will keep you posted on being fashionable and the in expensive of these world of fashion and classy.

Be Blessed for reading,I hope I make a difference in many lives.Add more spice to this article.


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