I love #Wikipedia and that is why I love referring to it in dealing with simplified definitions to make my blog easier to understand.So,#wiki defines Self employment as an act of generating one’s income directly from a consumer as opposed to being an employee of a business or person.easy?I thought so.Self employed people generally find their own work rather than being provided with work by an #employer earning income from a #trade or #business that they operate.I couldn’t agree more,#wiki is my #pal make it yours and you will never go wrong.!There are generally some rules and regulations to adhere to before setting up a business.We shall discuss that in the next chapter.What does self employed entail?How do I get started?Do I need much #cash?What business can I make #money in?Should I quit when the going is tough?Too many questions  in one sitting,please don’t get bored as there is juicy news coming up.In the meantime please read this link on tips to reduce taxes on self employment,it can apply to #Kenya then we can work towards this in order for self employment to prosper and create more jobs.See You…!


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