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#My blog might come out as entirely feminine but I believe men’s input and or contributions is so welcome.I never like to sideline men in my issues,they play an important role in our lives and whether we like it or not,they are in our lives and re here to stay.Am so sure of what I talk of when dealing with women as my family is entirely a feminine environment and I have always enjoyed working with women  but a word on men is so okay too,after all I had #dad too.

I talk of urban rural women,do you know of their plight?Do you know what most of them have had to endure or under go in those informal settlements?I managed to work or volunteer with such women and most of them have extremely encouraging stories you would wonder how they live.They don’t sulk or keep going on and on about how life is so unbearable,they keep going no matter their life situations,I draw most of my inspirations from these  #indomitable women.Stay #positive no matter the situations that threaten to really bring them down.Stop complaining,people in this world have got so much to think or help or talk about and not necessarily a whining or grumpy woman.Please see joy in all that happens no matter how wrong or right.

Some may wonder how am going to really reach such women and most of them either do not have an internet connection or can hardly afford a laptop or n internet connected phone?I don’t have to necessarily do all the work and you are out there?Help me,how?I will explain in the simplest of texts.If you can once in a while encourage a woman to start a self employing or start it for her according to what her real passion is.You will have helped a woman to maintain a self sustaining form of employment.Lift or encourage a woman no matter how stubborn she can get,I NEVER encourage giving of money as a way of helping or supporting.Do something remarkable.You could buy a kilo of sugar or a packet of salt,if given from the heart,then wow it’s more than just a kilo of sugar or a packet of salt.Giving is better than receiving i live by this mantra from the #Bible and other people who have been great givers like #Mother Teresa.

Be a remarkable woman and help a woman so that that woman can help a woman and the cycle will follow.


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