A letter to the drunkards out there.

http://www.funnypica.com/top-33-funny-pictures-of-drunk-people/.This is just some of the things I don’t enjoy when it comes to over indulgence in alcohol.You are made fun off,you become a lost individual and are unaware of your environment.You make a fool of yourself and sometimes you pee,throw up and do other manner-less things in  public.If you are a family man or woman and expect your kids to heed to your piece of advice about taking drugs and expect them to hear,am sorry,you are not the best example.Unless they are very confident people and can see how your life is ruined that is when they can never try indulge in this menace.Be a favourable example.

Violence and completely keeping out of track of your family is what goes on when over drinking.You could become impotent too and the only interest in your world would be beer.I urge youths out there,to start thinking of their future and save some money for you,your family and kids.Drinking never makes you save even a penny. Socialise once in a while and don’t be a party animal which encourages over drinking or over indulgence.Stay safe and alcohol free.Alcohol breaks homes,families especially when the dad or mum is hang on drinking to overcome some life problems or family situations.Think about this,would you rather remain with family or alcohol as your family?

Encourage someone to encourage someone and make a difference.


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