Bright Morning ahead!

Wake Up and stretch yourself and if you feel that every part of your body is moving and in perfect condition,why don’t you say a BIG THANK YOU to Our Lord as He has blessed You to see a new day.Stop whining,be strong some are lying in hospitals so hopeless and are hardly able to move a muscle and you who has strength to do so says that there is no God?Ever posed to ask self who made you where did you come from and if your mum dint give birth to you would you be in this world.Let us start appreciating the Maker of heaven and earth and even if He is invisible that doesn’t mean we just trash Him and spite Him anyhow. Remember that His gifts come at no price,free breath and our bodily features.Okay,time to thank God,shower,take breakfast and rush to whatever you do best.I love You all.Meditate too or reflect in your life and give thanks always to the controller if the Universe.


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