Cooking ,women

Sometime ago,I was taught that a woman’s place is in the kitchen and I believed that,I do believe that up to now.Do you?Some women say and say it very proudly and loudly how they don’t know how to cook or some will even give vague reasons like my nails will beak or I just applied nail polish on them!Now am telling you here and now,if you are a married woman are busy at work,or if you have boyfriend and you live together or far apart make it a part of you to always make some time for the kitchen.Today’s modern man still admire those traditional values of a woman making a meal for him,it’s a way of showing that you mind his stomach needs and always want to fulfil them at whatever cost.You could cook together or tell him to show you how to cook his meals or in a way that he loves.This is also a sure way of bonding…cooking together.Don’t let another woman take your role up in the kitchen.Call me analogue or whatever name it may be but I want to make my man a happy man.

A man wants a home where he is attended to in a manly way and cooking is just one way of appreciating your man.He will be content and always want to teach you new cooking ideas and am sure you will enjoy it.Stop relying on fast food joint located everywhere in towns or cities.It will save you money once you start cooking for yourself and not buying already made foods.After all,food prepared by you is the sweetest and is clean and you are assured of satisfaction.Drop your suits,woman,get in the kitchen and tie that apron around your waist and you are assured of amazing result.If not for your husband or boyfriend then do it for yourself or for your kids.

Enjoy cooking times with your kids too it’s a way of ensuring that they avoid being kitchen-lazy in future.Do have a fun time in the kitchen later on today,okay???Offended,encouraged or even changed your mind in kitchen activities,your reaction is most welcome.



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