Reasons for sexual working part 2

I had to research for this juicy topic and find out some of the reasons for sexual working.There are so many reasons why people engage in these #business.There are ‘homes’ where prostitution is run under the ‘watchful’ eye of the  society or even security persons whom we all know are in cahoots with the business pretending to work against them.Brothels,lodges,private homes are just some of the places this lucrative business goes on.A manager or manageress is mostly the marketer,someone who networks for the agency to prosper,but there are other sexual workers who work alone,meaning they are on the streets waiting for a potential client.

Whoever has visited a prostitute knows how these men and women are so mature in their business and that is why husbands or wives are running away from their homes to go get pleasure from a sex worker.Sex workers will give you extreme pleasure never experienced in your life,they are up to date with new #sex positions and areas to touch to give a man or woman ultimate pleasure that you have never had .If you are weak to engage in any #sexual activity with a prostitute…My oh My…my friend, you are doomed.I,therefore,encourage men and women who are committed to one another either in marriage or a relationship whatever it may be, to always keep their game up!Don’t drive your man or woman away because of lack of sexual pleasure,that is a killer in any love relation.

Distance is the other deal breaker in love,why tell your husband that you are tired or have a headache or you are just not in he mood for love.Say that to him one week  and he will start to feel so rejected and unappreciated and unloved you name it.Same situation applies to women.If there is a misunderstanding in your love life try to resolve the differences in an amicable and friendly way.Try not to make your partner  feel very vulnerable to want to run in the hands  of someone who you will hold on to him or her and never let go of him just in the name of  making money!Be understanding and accommodating even during crises,crises is everywhere even in churches which were thought to be more peaceful, but it is resolving crises that bring two people together.Remember to solve problems together.

There is a concern of the elite member of our society joining this world oldest trade.One of the reason is some youths are hardly satisfied with their family backgrounds,for example,they see Jane with a ‘cool’ pair of shoes or handbags or hairstyle and want it so much,greed and lack of appreciation for themselves is normally the reason behind this lifestyle.We  know that easy money is so hard to let go of and that is the case here.It becomes so disappointing especially when the young man or woman graduates from college or varsity and the parents come to realise what their child or children were doing for survival while they were away!Some parents end up either rejecting their children or even committing suicide as they don’t want to imagine what their child was doing.

Lastly,curiosity plays a big role in explaining prostitution. You may ask why a# man or woman from an affluent background are in this business yet we all talk of poverty as the reason behind it?This is the major reason,curiosity. Curiosity killed the cat,they say.I want to know what goes on in the brothels,I want to experience what those girls do or I want to meet with a handsome man in there, are some of the reasons behind curiosity. Lack of a loving relation in the homes of some of the most affluent people in society,parents re busy chasing money at the expense of their children and before they know it,they have lost their children to this menace. Their curiosity turns into something very big and before they can get off the hook,it’s always a little too late.

In conclusion,I would encourage couples to be attentive to the needs of their spouses and attend to their needs whenever possible.Be one partner who listens and pays attention too and work together in making your love flourish.Then to parents out there whose children are in institutions of higher learning and in far away towns or cities ,please ensure that you keep checking on your kids and giving them what they require,provide for them.In the end if your child is involved in these business some people will judge you and say that you never taught your kids,to be upright.To the youths out there,stop being so greedy to getting easy money to maintain a lifestyle that you can’t keep up with,you sure will get money that is why you are in the varsity.Be content with what you have and remember that easy come easy go,stop throwing away your future.Always seek the Maker and believe that He will take care of your needs.I need your contributions here…more reasons. Have a thoughtful day.


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