Writing (Photo credit: Wikipedia) thing I love writing is that you keep researching and giving people great works and encouragement.You reach a wider group of people and it gets more interesting day by day.In writing you have to understand what it is you are writing about,I must admit,it’s a learning process and you have got to be interested in it.You have to read extensively and research more from people,books,Google,observations made and a whole lot of things.Women who are writing find it interesting to write about many topics and all.While doing my usual Google “walk” I came across this beautiful article and I believe it will be of importance to one or many of us.Keep researching and telling me what it is you want to read here.I got more juicy topics to help my Indomitable women to keep reading and thinking about in the next few days,months and even years.Read the articles in the link above and keep me informed.Do have a great researching evening…will you? more…while I take a cup of tea and continue doing what I love most…!



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