Are you one of those people who use weight as an excuse for anything you do,for example I am so over weight I can’t find the man of my dreams,or I wish I was like her or had a body like hers or his.All this hype in vogue of skinny girls and bikini-like bodies is over exaggerated.Fashion models are so exclusive and elegant and anyone would want to date them or have their body and some women or men are paying high prices to have great bodies.Surgeries here and there,in the name of “I want to look good” is just one of the excuses that is used to distort some of the most amazing bodies ever.Appreciate you for you and you will never find the need to change your body or and features on your body.

I would say try to eat healthy and keep exercising and stop eating too much junk food as that is not a good way to lose weight or keep in shape.Don’t believe that a skinny body is heavenly,strut your stuff and don’t be ashamed to be in your body shape,ever.People will appreciate you for you and stop trying to be somebody else or some model you saw in the fashion magazine.http://shine.yahoo.com/love-sex/im-overweight-boyfriends-not-big-freaking-deal-134800157.html.She particularly made me write about weight but as always, your input is more important.Keep contributing.


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