An Informal settlement by the roadside

During my unusual walks here and there,I got the opportunity to talk to a certain woman whose story will surely get to you.I wonder how such a woman survives living in deplorable conditions yet she has three children.I also made a discovery of my own but I wondered,If she would want some help,too bad she was a little too egoistic and claimed that she wants no one’s help.She has built a ‘house’ by the roadside,a corner where cars take a corner and near an electricity pole! What would you do to help this woman,really?Do you know of any agencies that would take such a woman or any help to give her and the kids?They need shelter,a good one and with this cold looming in Nakuru,I believe it’s time to evict her to a better deserving environment.Any kind ideas would help me  lot as I mind a suffering woman.For now am posting only a photo i took a while ago but more will come up later.Image


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