Self employment for women,teenage girls

I had already defined what self employment was.What do you love?What are you passionate about?What do you know or talent you have got that you believe would be a money generating venture?Am so certain that you have heard of such questions before but what do you do about these questions is what makes the difference.Ask yourself the above questions first then dedicate the amount of time you want to put here.Determine how much money you are going to put and if you have got the money.How you plan to get started and above all,the target market,for example,you can’t hawk in a pub,that would likely look out of  place.Then again I say,If there are ifs and cants in your statement,you can NEVER reach your goals or ambitions.Identify your target market through an extensive research though.As a warning,this is a start up and don’t want to put in so much money yet you haven’t curved your niche or established yourself,start small.

Please do remember to at least register your business so you don’t have to operate it like a daytime thief whenever the municipal council officers come around or are doing their regular checks in market places or businesses that are operating irregularly.Go  to their offices and tell the registration officers that it’s a start up business  and this should make it easier and no exorbitant prices are charged as they are trying to make business registration in Kenya a little easier. My home business was not registered,I hadn’t planned for it but I kept learning a long the way.There are pros and cons of owning or starting a home business but that is a discussion for a later date…keep learning.

There are so many business ideas out there,it’s just sometimes,money is lacking or people are too busy to follow their hearts and seize risky affairs.If you have a day job you could start a small non registered venture as a way to make extra income and with time register the venture and even quit the day job to concentrate on business.In growing,you create more job opportunities and decrease the number of unemployed youths and women in the country.You could do  hair business,women and girls spend a considerable amount of money to be beautiful,if you are talented you could do house plaits in the weekends or do braids,which are very easy to do…I could teach those of you interested in fixing braids or plaiting school going children.Advertise yourself but definitely charge lower prices than what salon charges are. Keep learning and developing yourself,it’s a good way to do business and embrace challenges as they come.With time you could invest in a blow dry and a hair dryer,blow dry and hair dry for a fee,then go to a tertiary hair dressing college and brush up your hair skills.A doll with hair helps too in brushing up your hair skills of plaiting.

Still in the salon industry or beauty field,there are numerous opportunities like pedicures and if you have been following me or you are new in my site please read to be informed of inexpensive ways to do pedicures.Re read those techniques apply to women and girls out there and give them the best leg massage too for a better finish,just like a professional.Do manicures and facials but of course you will need to know there face types and the products to use or recommend some home made products like the avocado face masks and sometimes do this for a fee.Professional advice is essential most especially to earn money for you and be careful that you are aware of what you are saying  or doing for a matte finish.Women bodies are so expensive and women are willing to pay good money for products that they consider so useful.You could use a pair of tweezers or thread or shape eyebrows with a razor for those who prefer less painful methods like tweezers or threads.All of these need no money for start ups,network and network and tell people and tell people what you offer at the comfort of your home.I love a beauty make over in the comfort of a home,who doesn’t.

A baking business would be so great to women who most especially enjoy cooking or experimenting with a variety of cooking methods and aren’t shy to make mistakes or ask or learn.Try something in the house like making popcorns in a sufuria or cooking pot,baking crisps or deep frying them and see the results,start a selling business of these commodities.Bake mandazis or breakfast snacks,chapatis or round flat bread bake cookies,kashatas or coconut candy and cook some food like githeri or maize and beans and or porridge or make ice creams if you have the machines.In cooking,there are so many options,the only problem here is don’t be too greedy to make money,make the best mandazis and do it with love.Food served with love,is the best food that can ever be served and always cook as if you are cooking for yourself.Give children the left overs because in this business,there is no throwing away of  food or you can donate to other women who have got starving children.Please keep reading as I write more of the self employment opportunities.


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