Self employments 2

Let’s continue,knit,knit and knit…if you know how to go about it.I would want to know how to knit as am one of the few women who rarely knows how to even replace buttons in my blouses.I want to know how to knit a sweater and baby blankets and socks as these accessories are in high demand especially now that we are approaching the cold season and nice sweaters are a woman’s must have as we love adorning nice and uncommon features on us.Knit and sell such accessories to new would be mothers who haven’t bought some clothes,anyway,who does?You could hand knit table mats,flour mats but always be sure to deliver your items on time so as not to keep your customers turned off.If you can’t deliver within the discussed time frame,be sure do it if extensions are essential,do communicate with your customers beforehand.

Start beading.You could bead necklaces,hand-bands and earrings or some leg accessories.I encourage being unique and never copy a previous work just work at modifying your works of art.If you aren’t different,how would we differentiate your work.Market your work beforehand.

Teach at a fee,it doesn’t matter what subject you teach.English,a new subject you are learning or how to bead,cook or give your recipes at a fee.Teach something that you believe people want to learn and be effective at it.Sometimes,using your skills or talent you could volunteer your skills for charity donations or some cause that you are interested in.It’s always a great way to market yourself or in a church or women organisation,if you belong to some or any.

Start a baby care,many children are being born by the day and women are looking for great caregivers to stay with their kids because most  live in nannies are becoming unbearable to be with.As some do a job nicely today and tomorrow,they want no job.Or some are involved in some child syndicate schemes or some bad deals.Am not saying that nannies are bad,some of them are just never to be trusted.In a baby day care,you could organise it to be a unique home away from home for the kids until their parents come to pick them up.Be playful with the kids and categorise them in different ages according to their abilities or talents and interests and offer them plat things accordingly.Be imaginative and keen to make interests.For example have a cosy corner and as the name suggests,store some cosy things there like toys,drawings and paintings some photos of you and the kids,a birthday calender with birthday dates for each child.

Do laundry and house cleaning for people at a fee,this is if there is no alternative or have no start up capital and after earning save and start your own business.

Rent a room,if you have a big house and want to make some extra cash.After a while you could start building another house for renting from earnings of the previous earnings.In business,you must always learn when to spend and when to stash the money away for future use or expansion.

Am going to add more details later,let me take a break now as my eyes are hurting a bit from writing and too much reading.Keep reading as there is more coming up after my break and tell me of more unexplored ideas to share with women or teen girls out there.In the meantime,see these,aren’t they beautiful?


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