Fashion “Inmate”

Fashion trends in vogue aren’t so easy to keep up with as there are so many trends to follow so to speak.Please do focus on doing the following and you will feel not like a slave but as you.Be confident,courageous and mature,the way you sit,talk,stand and walk,let them be unique to you.

Take care of yourself,hygienically,eat well,balanced meals do exercises like taking walks drink lots of water and remember to eat lots of vegetables.

Obey people of all ages and never look down on anyone as in this world everyone has something to offer,no matter their size or status.

Be you,be real to yourself and to others,as real people attract real people.Don’t copy fashion trends,make your own fashion statements and stand out amongst the crowd.Love the size of your body.

Smile and smile and smile,no matter what life is like,being all smiles is so great and adorable and so joyous to be around.

Be minimal with make up application,stop applying too much,makes you look like a rainbow and as someone who is hiding from something or someone.

In my conclusion,fashion trends have been overrated at the expense of human personality which is far more important than the outward appearance.Outward appearance does fade and fades so quickly,it does get out of fashion,but a great you remains to be emulated by the upcoming generation.Where are you,in a one time thing that fades or a lifetime affair?Choose your trends wisely don’t be a fashion inmate!!!


One thought on “Fashion “Inmate”

  1. Please comment on this article,I am writing on yahoo contributor.What do you think?The topic was why I am giving up on Fashion Trends.Those are my reasons,what do you think?More suggestions on what to write and what not to.Some corrections come in handy
    Thank You for following my blog,you won’t be bored.

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