Damn!This is a very broad subject so to speak but as humans we have always complicated issues because of our insincerity or just simply arrogance.Today I just want to vent my anger on here on something that has just got me so annoyed on TV.Women who are so lonely are vulnerable,they are targets to the prey- eating eagles out there who are ready to feed on their flesh and just leave them with a broken heart.Women,take care of your heart no matter how lonely you are and don’t rush in anything.It doesn’t matter of biological clock ticking or anything like that,look and wait for God to give you answers on the right kind of man to live with for the rest of your life.There are ways to deal with loneliness too and not necessarily on a false ‘love’ relationship.

This woman has left her everything for a man and the man isn’t even appreciating instead he is talking of money as the force behind this ‘union’.Never take advantage of anyone in this life as you are going to pay a high price,karma,will definitely catch up with someone.Be very careful what you do and how you handle yourself and love is normally the most painful karma price you will ever pay and mostly if it involves lying.Assess what a partner really wants from you and give him some tests here and there.Do this in any relationship and  realise what the intentions of the other person is.

For women who just take advantage or just want to take advantage of younger men,same will happen to you.You attract crowds that define your behaviour and they are never different from you,if it’s just fun,outline your plans for the relationship.Remember also that money can buy you anything but never real love.Be careful with what you are really after.Be sincere,be you and painfully real!!!I had to let this out but think about it!


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