Music entertainment

Music is the laughter of my soul,it makes me dance and be in a great mood even when am in the foulest of moods.Music is one of my ways of unwinding after a stressful day or when taking it easy in the house.I enjoy good music and have specifics but that doesn’t mean I am choosy musically speaking.Music cheers me up makes me extremely joyous and jumpy.With good music as my company I can do absolutely anything.There are different genres of music,I,for example, enjoy #Kenyan music a style nicknamed #Genge and #Tanzanian Bongo Flava, Hip Hop and any danceable music.Musicians are so creative as they try to create interesting music for us to listen to and our Kenyan music is also rising the ladders as time goes by and music videos are improving significantly.What are you listening to at the moment?Is it interesting for me to want to listen?Share it,am enjoying a variety,some in Swahili and English some in Kenyan sheng/slang and some Swedish.This is my small list I have compiled for you:! wrye ft.alaine…I love you too my followers,this is a dedication to you all.The guy musician here is Kenyan musician while the lady is Alaine speaking my sentiments.,don’t worry the boring ‘scratches’ in the videos…this is an example of Kenyan Genge music i talked about…mix of Swahili and Sheng and the song is about going clubbing.I don’t go out to clubs music in the house is my social joints. diamond utamu and this is Diamond from Tanzania.Great music about a woman that whatever she does is sweet,utamu. valkommen by veronica maggio for those following my blog,welcome in and let’s party on here…oh yeah for newcomers!Valkommen,two dots missing on the ‘a’ don’t worry my tangentbord or keyboard is in Engleska.

Share  your collections with me,these are just a few.



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