Easy steps to fulfilment,Encouragement and hope

Good Morning my people,am hoping you have had great times on here.Sorry I have  been away for a while but am here now,so no worry.I was researching on some various topics to get you stay tuned and motivated to come here looking for encouragement.First things first,how have you been?I am hoping you have been coping up very well and greatly in the Lord.

I want to encourage you out there to always be strong,be stead fast in prayer and always hang on no matter what happens to you.Life is a challenge but however you want to handle your life situations is what makes us different.Learn to appreciate fellow human beings and be of good and upright morals.Walk tall and remain tall.Never be brought down by anyone,,you hold the padlock and key to your life,whichever you choose to apply is on your own hands.

Respect and accord every human respect no matter how small or big they are,never look down on anyone for whatever reason.Be down to earth,by being down to earth i don’t necessarily mean you let people step all over you but rather,be approachable,be an example and an encouragement to other humans out there.

Remember to smile and give hope to the downcast.Smile is an encouraging welcome that no matter what you are undergoing you are still a very friendly person.A person who has an positive outlook towards life.Smile is a noble gift,not everyone has it,but if you have got it,why not share it?

Be a giving person,one who gives,receives even more.I mean it could be giving an idea,words of encouragement,wisdom,giving clothes and anything you have got to offer.Give with an open generous heart and do it like there is no tomorrow,Do it with love and never feel like it is an obligation.

Never ever take anyone for granted,your family,friends neighbours.People have got something to offer and everyone has their flaws.We can never be the same,but that is the beauty of life.Do unto others what you would love them to do unto you.Maintain your family,friends and anyone close to you close to your heart and don’t wait until they are dead or sick to show them or tell them how much you loved them.

You MUST remember that your time on earth is limited,but am sorry as one day you will have to explain how you used that time.What will you say?Do you have an account of the things that you hoped you had done,this is the time,there is no tomorrow.Your tomorrow is now,fix it.Never live a life of regrets,that is wasting time.Live now,embrace your wrongs and know that sometimes some things are better left how they are.Regrets is an impediment to self development.

Be wise and live responsibly.Don’t go and drink all your money in a bar or spend your money anyhow because there is no guarantee for tomorrow.NO.Live wisely,budget and know that there is limits in and on everything.

Stay positive and believe that no matter what,you will one day reach your destiny and your destiny will be so beautiful and a rewarding experience.

Eat balanced meals and drinks plenty of water.Exercise,maintain healthy eating and remember you are what you eat.A healthy woman is confident and of courage.A healthy woman is self motivated.

Stay blessed and fulfilled.



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