Hand care tips

Before I go on to give tips for my hand care that i do at home…I love all the comments you are putting up there,words of encouragement for sure.If you have got a question on anything please be sure to post it on here and within no time  I will get back to you with an approved suggestion or from other blogs or opinions from other people,who have been there done that.Don’t lose patience and keep reading as more responses are coming and juicy topics to be precise.As for subscriptions,yes do go ahead and subscribe to my blog updates,tell me what is working down in my blog and what is not in the subscriptions.Thank You once again and most welcome to my new followers,I am very grateful,you all are awesome.

Now to home care hand tips,first hands can easily be neglected.Rough hands can be a turn off and sometimes embarrassing  to even shake hands.There is a solution though for everything.We frequently use our hands and that makes it very easy for us to stop caring for them.I have a simple step way of caring for your hands.During the day,we end up washing our hands so often,that is drying them,depriving them of moisture,but there is a solution!At night when we go to sleep,we rarely use our hands though,this is the time to make your hands softer just like a baby’s.

Wash your hands before you go to sleep,very nicely with soap and water,then apply some generous amount of lotion or Vaseline and you are good to sleep and wake up to soft textured hands.Simple and easy!

If you still having rough hands after this another article is coming up for dealing with stubborn hands.For the meantime let me see what I can put up for further enlightenment.


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