How to love in simple steps

What is love?How do you love?Must I be in love?What if I have been betrayed,must I go the same route of love?Is it worth it?I know someone out there is asking him/herself and am certain I will get these questions.Look,am not a love doctor but I know that love is so great and wonderful and amazing,only and only if it is given for some good reason,not money,not beauty but deep real love.Here is how to go about it:Step 1,Never look for love,you will never find love looking for it but waiting for it and waiting with,in open arms.Number 2:Never lie to get a man you love or like,like faking pregnancy or hating people close to him.Please,never look down on him or his job or on people close to him.I hope you are following me.Learn to be supportive of him and he will support you and never use your beauty to get him or money.

And above all,love him with all your heart and soul and body and never share your body with any man if you truly love him.In love,whatever you give is whatever is given to you.Never rush into it and until you are sure,fall in love just guard you heart sometime.Be ready to fight for it as love is the most difficult thing in this world but the nicest.If you have been betrayed in love give it time,dust off that and move on.And in time you will find the right one.In love never be selfish,give give and give and don’t use love for selfish gains.In love,do not take what is not yours.

Being in love is so rewarding and exciting,in fact more than anything it is the best you can ever experience,it has some flaws,some weaknesses and some happiness but working together in everything as couples is a sure way to deal with the problems at hand.When you love for sure,no matter what,the love never ends

Never give up on the love of your life because of distance or work or money or family,in love,there must be obstacles and how you decide to deal with them is what matters or makes the difference.

Be a kind person to the person you are in love with,this is broad,help them,be there for them and always be truthful no matter what.Never hide,even the most weird things from them.Hidden things burst into light and you don’t want to be a secret keeper.What is the  importance of a relationship if you don’t share anyway.

If you are in love,hang in there and be patient with each other,solve issues together and if you are seeking love,wait,someone is coming and he or she is what you have been waiting for all this while.Don’t look too hard sometimes,our most searched answers are just below our noses.

Still complaining?Am just writing an encouragement,contact me,I might turn into a love doctor just for you!I love you all.


2 thoughts on “How to love in simple steps

  1. Thanx 4 encourage ok i hv issue i married I’m far from home working. maybe i can.finish maybe 1yr because im in abroad. so i need my wife to distant .

    • You welcome to my blog…so welcome.First,please,re assure her and always make time for her,keep in touch and don’t ever be harsh on her.No matter what talk with her be nice and understanding.She wants to hear you making her feel loved and loved and she misses your patient and make sure you two are in the same page.Remind her of the times when you had met,what you would do…keep her yearning for you even in the distance.Remind her that you love her so much and distance must never be a reason for your separation. Good Luck and please keep me updated.I wish you all the best.

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