Tips on lips care,luscious lips

Who never admires some nice luscious lips?But how do you care for them to make them so nice like this.Do any of you know how to do it,some simple ways to do it?I would appreciate it  a lot.

For my home care tips here and there I normally,apply some Vaseline to prevent them from drying so much as dry lips aren’t so interesting.Mostly they make one look as if they are so hungry or thirsty.Lips are supposed to be welcoming and those overdone ones with so much lip gloss aren’t too good either.

And getting too dry lips happens once in a while,especially when out in the sun or having a long day.So,how do you deal with it?I take an old toothbrush,i keep like two of them for brushing my eyebrows and one clean one for my lips,gently brush on them as if you are brushing your teeth then apply your Vaseline and or lip-gloss for a better shine or anything you do on your lips.Try some lip-balm as well,nivea lip care works well too.So,please never walk around with very dry lips as you already have some home care tips and all day long tips.Always carry a small bottle of Vaseline or lip balm or anything for moisturising your lips…okay?

How do you do this,what works and what makes your lips stand out?Share with us women and let us be beautiful,both in and out.


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