Treasure your family ,Forgiveness

Hello,where are you?Are you fine?Is everything okay?Those are normally my mum’s words when she is checking on us,my daughter and I.Family is important to anyone in this world,do you treasure yours and what do you for them?Be available when you need them the most and even when you think or believe that you don’t need them.We need each other in this world to survive,don’t say that you don’t need anyone.You may have all the money in the world,all the wealth but with no one to share, am telling you you will never be happy.Try to appreciate the people in your life and you will see that in this life we all need someone.Sometimes,we just want company,someone to share our frustrations or just anything…if we got family,we make a difference.Family to me is just anyone who is there for me when I need them most,it doesn’t have to be a blood relation.

Take care of people close to you now,it might be your mum,dad,uncles or just whoever and value them,treasure them and bond with them,make amends and always be appreciative and accommodative that we all are different and in different circumstances we reason differently,that is why we are human beings.Those of you like me out there who don’t even know where your fathers are,try to at least forgive yourself then forgive the person and the situation and how you dealt with it at the time.Ask God for assistance then from there you can always decide how to deal with it,either approach the person then engage each other in an intimate conversation then you can forge ahead on a clean slate.

Am sure there are some out there who have been wronged and you have wronged as human is to err,but either you are too proud or just don’t care about the situation until it is too late.Try to be more forgiving people and stop holding grudges especially to people who matter most to you.Forgiving is a divine gift to us,let’s use it while we still can.Ask for forgiveness and it might take so many years but at least a clear conscious is normally the best thing in this world.Living in this world with so many grudges will make you have a folded wrinkled face for nothing and that is not developing yourself.

Decide what you want to do for your own good but remember,bitterness and anger or resentment are never the solution to any problem.


11 thoughts on “Treasure your family ,Forgiveness

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    • Hi,am so sorry for this long time i haven’t been here for you.I was enjoying vacation with my boyfriend and child.I dint get enough time to be on line but i had my fans in my mind and twitter is @indomitable_ger.Keep in touch and i hope to keep in touch with you too.Hope to hear from you very soon.

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