How to lose weight for men

I know am a little off topic but one of my readers requested me to post on losing weight for men in a more natural way.I did some research and came up with the following from a Men’s health Magazine.Please read and keep more connected and if you got questions ask or let me do research for you.

To add on that losing weight is itself a weighty issue and is an exercise that must be done with diligence,determination and discipline.Eat and never starve yourself no matter what,when you starve yourself,you add more weight for sure.What other ways have you done to achieve weight loss as a man,what has worked and what hasn’t,please share with the others.Thanks always.


4 thoughts on “How to lose weight for men

  1. Shedding excess fat is actually really challenging for
    most people and typically that is simply because many people expect results much too rapidly.
    In the event that you feel it took countless years to put on this added
    fat then it tends to make sense that it will certainly take
    a lot of time to eliminate it again. If you really want to be victorious then you really should give
    it much more time. A person can easily make it just a little better by using a product like workout (Kathryn) to reduce food cravings and get through the day without the
    need of consuming a ton of less healthy snacks.

    • Yes I concur and echo your sentiments. Patience is a virtue that most people lack in the weight loss adventure but if applied at any time, one won’t be disappointed. Hello Kathryn, how are you? Welcome to Indomitable Woman. Highly appreciate your comments and contributions. Thank you

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