Some controversial topic here now…I know… someone might wonder what am up to but I am not putting anyone down or anything.I just saw this somewhere and thought that I bring it to your attention.Who is a socialite really and what is this,someone may wonder.I have found some definitions on Wikipedia,urban dictionary and thesaurus and am finding almost the same definition.”Someone who has money and doesn’t work,instead devoting his or her life to being “socially active”‘.

I encourage women who want to be socialites to be classy or follow my links to be classy and it is always very simple.I wouldn’t tell anyone to be a socialite,to me that is a waste of time and a project for wannabes.Be you and quit trying too hard to impress people or being where you aren’t supposed to be.A socialite according to me is just someone who is trying to be what they are not and that is not so pleasing.All in all, we can never be the same and from everyone we learn something which makes this life very interesting.

I also found some interesting things on ways to be a socialite which is quite interesting…tell me what you think.…happy read and hope I have helped someone get a ‘job’,just kidding.Be You,Be You,Be You and you will never go wrong!


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