Home based business,self employment

I found out some more home based business for women out there,some of these are just pure interest and passion or just a way to keep busy which can in turn improve your life.

Do you have a lawn mower which is stored somewhere in the basement and have no work for it?rent it for some extra cash or even some garden tools.

Do you love babies?You can baby sit for a neighbour or a friend for a charge by the hour or however you feel best and it could grow into something very big.

Some office work for a manager or friend maybe on line jobs could go in handy or just arranging some documents or pick some calls,that is a job and could help you be in employment,this way you could network and sell some things like women shukas or lessos or mandazis or anything you want.

Sell some shoes you are not using or have not worn for quite a while or some clothes,an easy way to make money and with time you could expand to start a second hand business.

Keep some traditional chicken,they are not much work like the modern ones,a scoop of ugali is enough to make survive and water is essential too plus some greens.With time you will even work your way forward into buying or rearing some ducks or even turkeys and sell them for much profits.

Rear pigs,they are so easy to keep and come with so much profits just be sure to keep them clean,they never want anything dirty contrary to popular beliefs.

Keep pets,if you are an animal lover,baby sit pets and at the end you could sell for a profit.Always know how to treat or vaccine them.Animal company is a form of therapy for some people.

Plant trees or flowers or vegetables for sale,use your space creatively,this can be done wherever you are in a rental apartment or just your own place.Some indoor fruits can work too like strawberries,i saw a woman who started growing them on small scale and now she is reaping her fruits of hard labour.

Rear some rabbits,some people love rabbit meat,they say it has some medicinal value,am not certain.

Sell some sweets,some chocolates,i have never seen a strictly sweets shop in Kenya,really. Children love candies,real candy shop could work wonders and stock the shop with all kinds of sweets from one shilling to hundred or whatever amount you decide to place.After all without that one dollar or one shilling how would we get to a hundred dollars or even a thousand shillings,respectively?

In my conclusion,there are so many jobs to be done by both men and women out there,you just got to discover what works for with and what you can do with all your hear and might.Look to always expand yourself and though it is a home based business,make it or grow it as much as you can.It may be the solution to your financial problems.Start small and continue learning as time goes by.

For the next issue on this, we shall look into the pros and cons of a home business and how to deal with it in simple steps.Be sure to stay in tune,here,don’t even wink,okay?

A shuka or lesso is what women tie around or wrap around their waist just like an apron,in good Swahili it is called a Kanga. Don’t worry sometimes I think am writing for Swahilis.Please add some more ideas,am sure there are some explored and some unexplored and you could help a woman out there in making a difference in her life.


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