Body,health issues

Are you aware of your body?Do you notice when something is amiss and you need do some adjusting or are you just arrogant and never pay attention to what goes on in your body.Here is some news flash ladies:if you don’t care for you,who will?You notice you are adding weight and you don’t bother to ask yourself what is going on or even losing weight.It could be stress for weight loss and it could be too much junk for weight gain or even pregnancy.

You are having some pains while peeing,and you just brush it off or are too embarrassed to ask or visit a gynaecologist.Never be embarrassed to find out what is going on in your body.When you are down and out due to sickness,no one is going to care for you,you will be in pain all by your self.

Breast pains or breast discharge which you have never seen before but you say it will just go,please,some of these things or symptoms never go away they stay until they are treated.

Yes some are quite embarrassing to know or even ask but it is good to be informed and aware before something big comes out of it.Like for example who knows what your pooh says about you?It is embarrassing,right? You must be aware of some of these things.They affect us in one way or another even though we are not infected.

Keep track of your vagina,sometimes some birth control pills or methods you use might affect the smell of your down there.Or an infection or too much perfume or how you wash ‘her’.If anything unusual happens never be too shy.A little knowledge goes in hand and sometimes it is never a big problem.

It maybe just dry hands,mouth or legs but find out the cause,stress or depression affects our bodies as women so much and we must know when to correct our situations.

Changes in environment and birth control pills in most cases changes our body systems in a way that we may never understand.

I encourage all of you to really keep track of your body and any slight difference is a difference and must be taken with utmost care and concern.Stop neglecting your bodies,you must be at least aware of some things so that when you decide to visit a gynaecologist or doctor you will at least explain yourself and there is nothing good or easy for a gynaecologist than a woman who is aware of their bodies and changes in or out  there.

Do you normally neglect you,start checking what you are missing or what is ailing you.Start now and stay safe and aware!!!






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