Difference between dad and father

A few weeks ago,we celebrated Father’s Day and I kept wondering then asking ‘What or who is a father and who is a dad’.Fortunately after wondering I came up with some answers,some comparisons and a conclusion,thereafter.

There is a quote that I came across “Any man can be father,but it takes someone special to be a daddy”…I concur.Daddies love their children whether biological or not.Fathers are sperm donors.

A dad sticks with the children with love and care and empathy a father has the DNA set up of the kid/s and they are just a male figure nothing more.

A dad is so much aware of a child’s development be it the approach of periods,pregnancy,beards breaking of voice and generally of the physical developments of his children,emotional and any other.

A dad is aware of the children likes and dislikes,is very active in his role and above all fulfils his responsibilities.

A dad is not necessarily the originator or the DNA carrier,he maybe a male member of the society who fulfils or qualifies for the father role.

Dads are like guides,they guide and counsel and do it with an open ear and heart,very tender.

These two words are simply like titles that help a child or people to give roles to different people or status in society but  they have deeper meaning.

In conclusion,a father is generally a ‘distant’ male figure and father is to nature while a dad is to nurture.As a woman,be careful who you open your life to there are so many fathers as fatherhood is the simplest role on earth.A dad  role  is someone you must be looking for in the future man you want to date,a man to have these qualities,who is dedicated and is not intimidated whatsoever!

And if you are married to a man with father qualities,be sure to at least pray for him with him to come closer to God and change for the better be an example to your kids.

What do you think and to men out there,where are you?Let’s keep this discussion going…!Have a thoughtful day!


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