Down but not out,sickness

Hello,it’s been quite a while since I was here.Sometimes as human beings we go through some life situations that either strengthen or weaken us.Sickness,for example is one of the challenges we face as humans.

Whatever your sickness is,what is consuming your body may be something very dangerous or something very that is almost taking your life or your loved ones life  away.

You have to know that no matter what,never despair,never give up hope on a loved one or even yourself.Give your self hope and faith that no matter your life situation it will be better.

Always remember to keep in touch with people you say you love,you don’t want to wait until they are either too ill or dead to connect with them.

Lift someone’s spirit all the time and compliment another person,stop being mean with words,be generous.Uplift people’s mood and make them feel alive.

Give thanks,about all that you have and don’t have.Don’t wait until you have got no strength to say thank you.

Give glory to the Almighty and know and believe He is the maker of this universe and everything in it.He Has the power to enable you overcome the difficulty in your life and your situation.

This bodies become weak in sickness,but definitely we get better.After getting better,know that you have a chance to fight for some few more days months or years and you have a chance to make amends in your life.

Hello my people,I have been away for a while not because I don’t love you but because I was down,but am not out.How have you been?I have missed you all.I will moderate all your comments and for the numerous likes on here and to my new followers,cheers!

I hope you are all doing better and my message will help someone feel uplifted and new.Thank you and that is for missing you a lot.Keep reading and never give up. Thank you all.


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