Domestic Violence,parent abuse

I recently watched a movie that got me thinking for a while…even parents,we get reactions from violent kids.We just never want to believe that our kids can be violent or we just say they are too young to be violent.All hope is not lost anyway,we have to face it and deal with it or control it.You have to be the parent and the pal too.

Domestic violence is never just the woman being beaten or abused emotionally,it involves  the man,the children and the parents too.Don’t try to hide it,let it out,talk to someone it helps,see a therapist or psychologist.Don’t dodge the problem and never deal with it alone.In talking out your problem someone somewhere will be helped and will want to help and the cycle continues.

Who has ever dealt with a violent child and how did you do it.Share with the rest and let’s encourage one another.The child may have witnessed violence in the house by a violent spouse,either man or woman,that is why the child believes that violence is the only way out.The child may believe that you are very weak that is why your spouse was or is attacking you.Talk to your child and find ways to deal with violence.

There are many people who have never heard of parent abuse but knowing this exists and how to deal with it is greatest.It can happen to you.The only way to deal with violence is never to defend it but walk away and find help as quickly as possible.Don’t undermine a therapist as they are there to help.

Keep pondering these and read more of this.Got questions,never hesitate to ask.

I hope these helps and you watch the movie just to see how some families deal with family problems.Everyone brings their child up in different ways but that doesn’t mean that some of these problems can’t happen to us and that doesn’t mean that your kids can’t be violent.

Keep pondering on this heart touching topic.Always as much as possible be supportive of the people you love and those who ask for your help.Never run away because there is a problem and listen very much to everyone as you will never know if you don’t listen.

In dealing with a violent child,never be violent create a conducive environment for discussion in a calm way as much as possible.Just know that you are not weak in any way and a violent child is sometimes not violence in the house but can be due to a number of reasons beyond our control.

Be confident that no matter what you are the best parent,that is why God gave you that privilege of parenthood.You are an awesome parent,know that all the time. 


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