What is anger,easy steps to deal with anger

Who has the problem of dealing with anger,I thought this is an issue that most of you have to deal with.Anger is my weakness and i have tried to deal with anger for the longest time i can remember.Now what is anger?What brings it or what triggers it and some easy steps that i have experimented with and have worked for me.

According to Wikipedia anger is an emotion related to one’s psychological interpretation of having been offended,wronged and a tendency to react.

Anger can also mean lost enthusiasm for just anything,i found this quote amusing but we can use it as a definition.

Why do we use anger and is it important?Yes expression of anger is very very important as it prevents outburst of anger or rage that is violent.We use anger as a defence mechanism,we have to protect ourselves against negative forces so anger can be used to protect us.

Anger is used to deal with intense negative emotions,like irritation.
To compensate for something we,you didn’t have or some failure in life or lack of communication.

There are some easy steps to deal with anger,here they are:
a).Let the anger out by either talking it out.Some people deal with anger by talking for a long time or just talking alone or talking towards someone.Whatever way,talk it out as much as possible.
b).Sweat it out,sometimes accumulated sweat is a reason for so much stress.Work out but not strenuous exercising.
c). Go to the gym and sometimes box it out.
d).Scream or yell,we are different some people deal with anger by shouting not a bad idea.
e).Walk away if the situation turns violent.Violence is not the best way to deal with anger,it is not a solution but even a problem.
f).You could read a book,if you love reading.
g).Cook a meal or bake nice cookies or try a new recipe so that later you could talk the anger out.

In conclusion,never suppress your anger no matter what because suppressed anger is the cause for violence and is never a solution to anything.
Always find ways to control anger so that you don’t end up hurting people you love or are close to you.
Add more ways to deal with anger and dealing with anger or anger management,your input is always appreciated.


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