3 simple steps to restore hope.

Who hasn’t lost hope in their lives or some challenging situations in their lives? I have,not once but many a time in many situations. I have been realizing that in life, these challenges are supposed to build you and strengthen you and never break you apart or down.

At the beginning of the year, people set goals and ambitions for the year but what you forget is that goals change as time passes by as challenges threaten to tear these goals apart. There is hope though, three steps to rebuilding of hope.

Prayers are the most powerful tool in the world, we just refuse to see or we say we are too tired to do it or God doesn’t listen or He is not there. Am telling you this today, God is alive and very strong. He is a God of riches, we just refuse to be patient in Him and always want the easy way out. Keep trusting in our Father and pray ceaselessly all the time. In challenges, that is when you need to showcase your strengths.

Secondly, Never give up no matter what. You must keep your head high in challenges. Keep busy and let nothing weigh you down. Go about your daily activities like nothing is happening to you. Keep strong and keep going.

Lastly, never ever lose your direction and where you wanted to be and what you want out of this life. Stay focused. Your God, your father is high up, looking down and keeps track of your hardships. Why must you lose focus yet He has a great wonderful purpose for you on this earth? You are not finished, you have just started and you are not about to end no matter what.

The purpose for your challenges is not to make you give up but to make you a better greater person. Someone who through his or her challenges will help others and encourage them to be firm and steadfast. In challenges, you learn to appreciate others and human beings in general. You grow as a person and become awesome and better.

In Conclusion, never underestimate the power of challenges, these are what makes life very interesting and worth to live in this world. As an Indomitable woman, welcome challenges and let God do the rest but help Him by being the strongest and please never complain but say thanks all the time.

What are you facing? Care to share? It also helps to let it out. Here you will never be judged but helped in the best way possible by me. YOUR WELCOME AND ALL YOU,ARE AWESOME!!!


4 thoughts on “3 simple steps to restore hope.

      • Thanks Shelly,i haven’t been writing lately but am back now.Having a little vacation away from work and writing but with a fresh mind and heart,am so charged up.You are also a blessing here Shelly and am glad.I will keep in touch and reading too.

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