Children are life teachers

I know you have some questions in your mind regarding children.Some can be quite ruthless,short temper and others just uncontrollable.You have to appreciate that in this world no person is the same as the next or the next and that will never be possible.This is what makes the world different from the rest and more interesting to live in.

Children are different and they are a gift from God,never take your child for granted as that is not good in the eyes of God.

Your kids no matter how you perceive them are so great and a blessing and that is the beauty of kids.

Kids are teachers and what you learn from them is unique and different to you.You learn communication and patience,you have to understand that a child needs so much patience from you.You have to teach yourself dialogue,talk with them children and not at them .

It helps to know that children also help in the dating scene especially if you are a single mum or dad looking to start a life out of the one you know with your child.A child will see the one who makes you happy and the one who completes you,and they will tell you,Mum or Dad that man or woman you are currently dating isn’t the best for you or for us.

Learn to be a good listener to your kids as they will copy such virtues from you.Don’t cut them short while they are talking but no matter how much they talk,listen.Never fake listening as that isn’t too cool either.Listen and provide guidance no matter what.

Have a great friendship with your kids and just be the first one they turn to whenever there is a problem a success or just about anything in their lives.Never abandon them to deal with things on their own but rather be their parent and their pal.

Exercise authority but not too much of it to the extent of making your kids be afraid of you.Balance between parent and pal,that is awesome if you can do it.

Pray for them always and speak great words,positive words before them and never negative words that affect them in a negative way.

Support them all you can and ask God to be your guide no matter how ruthless or outrageous you think your kids are.

God never made a mistake in making you are a  parent but He had a purpose for you to fulfil,that purpose is offering guidance to someone in this world.

Never be too busy for your kids.What could be more important in this world than your kids?Let work come later but your kids first.

What has your kids taught you?Is it something you would want to share.Say it loud here,this is an open forum for sharing and letting it out.

Have a great time and keep reading and enjoying.You all are awesome got questions,ask.Thanks for reading.



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