Prayers are powerful

Sometimes,when we are down but never out,the only consolation is God. In prayers,we conquer all,never despair my friends.I love you all, i hopefully pray for us to meet again tomorrow in fresh mind,fresh heart.
Meanwhile,for those who are still awake,keep the St.Francis prayer somewhere and each day,plant a seed of hope,love,honesty,faith and encouragement.Keep reminding people that whatever they do,they are awesome.
Be blessed and stay blessed,much love from me to you darlings.


Domestic quarell

Recently, there is an increase in men being killed or women being slain in cold blood. These trend is worrying. You stop to ask yourself what is going on here and what s lacking in these marriages or partnership. I say, if you are not compatible or the love is gone, please let the person go rather than kill, murder. Who are you? His mother or father? His parents? His family? Stop with the killings, you are not a life giver the one responsible for taking other people’s lives is God and God alone. No matter how long you have been in your relationship of have given your life into it to build your love, never ever kill. It is wrong and this will haunt you forever for sure. Let God take control.

Keep telling yourself that no matter what, you deserved and deserve the best so never belittle yourself by killing someone. Pick yourself up and run,run,run.Mend life ahead and make the most of it,stop being around people who make you so angry.Love who you are.

Keep praying for strength and keep saying that you did your best to make your marriage or relationship work…never be too hard on yourself. Be strong and say that your children will be the biggest loser if anything bad happens.


Money has never been the root cause of evil…point of correction…it is the love of money…insatiable greed for more money is the root cause of evil.
To me,my wealth is this…food,clothing and shelter…simple and easy. Complicating life with living life on the fast lane is not bad…we all have different goals and ambitions,i never dispute that. Are you sure you have attained your ambition,goals? If not,wake up a very hopeful man or woman and keep telling yourself “I am going to make it”.
Then there is the goal of “Let me live my tomorrow now”,by this i mean,when you wake up in the morning,set a goal to achieve,walk by it and because you aren’t guaranteed of tomorrow do the best you can to achieve your ambition,today.
Procrastination is not so enticing,you have done,we have and i have…it is a waste of time.Never say i will do it tomorrow.
In search for money my friends,don’t use greed use patience,slow but sure. Go for money that will last a lifetime not one that in a matter of months or two three years you are back to where you began.
Accept at all times,downfall.Hard a blow but worth resisting but keep working to reach the heights.
Slow but sure you will have all the wealth,money in the world but remember whatever you acquire on earth remains on earth.Stop stressing and take a stride at a time.

Sex is divine

It is a union,an intimate moment you share with the person you love. We have changed the meaning of sex into something new…paid sex.casual sex,i use what i have to get want i want,to name but a few. Am warning you,take care of your precious body,it is the temple of the Holy Spirit. The one who gave you that body is so powerful, He can take it from you when you are not using it properly.

Stay faithful,content with your partner.Stop soliciting some unwanted company out there it won’t help.There is a dangerous disease out there and far too many STDs that will weaken your body.I would prefer to know the source of any ailment i have rather than run around looking for the one who gave you i don’t know what.

Love your body and let men eat it with their eyes,give them a hard time to uncover whatever is underneath my dears. Show them you are carrying precious luggage and not some groceries they go pick at a grocery store. Keep ‘her’ as tight as possible,you can wait.When you get one who you believe makes you complete,have as much sex as you can.Enjoy it,but with only him!!!

Simplest way to catch a thief…

We still live in the medieval thinking and belief of getting people who have sinned to justice by bewitching them…guess what,it works and it works big time…he he.Some are so mind boggling but instead of shooting a gangster down,work this out and there will be discipline sometimes,i think it is the best way of dealing with an intruder.

Enjoy this piece,let’s get entertained and break from ‘busy schedules’. Ask questions,let’s chat sometime.

After the baby…

This craze of gaining and losing weight is sometimes so blinding. Women who have just given birth are focusing on some things not so important like having a flat tummy after birth? Shift your attention to your bundle of joy and not after weight.
Our bodies respond differently during and after birth and we can never be the same. For some women,they gain weight for some they lose…this is entirely dependant on your body. Appreciate your body as it is and months later you can regain your weight or get back to shape.
There is always one thing i did when i gave birth,simple and non stressing…tie a scarf or as we call it a kanga around your waist and your tummy will deflate,afterwards you can exercise to your best.
But for now,baby joy should be making you beam and walk around the house with that scarf,no stress.
After some months,like three to six, you will not have so much stress going back to shape.

Note: The scarf must be tied tight to your waist until you get back to your original shape. Meanwhile,look at the following article and mull over the content…