Why love?

Is an emotion so deep that no one can really describe.It is intoxicating but not in a negative way.It has been termed by many as poisonous some as bitter and others bitter sweet,whatever the definition is to you,is up to you.Choose for love to be awesome and no matter how many times keep waiting until you get that special someone.Once you find that someone,keep him or her,never be obsessive or possessive.
It is the best feeling in the world but yet it can be the source of all the evil and psychopaths doings too.It can be conflicting sometimes.So go in it,not for the love of money or a face or nice butt but for the love you want to experience and share with others.Whatever you choose,try to fall in love and am certain there will be no regrets.
We were designed in a way that,we have to at least live with each other and be in love.It is just that we,humans have complicated love to and nowadays it has no meaning.Never say never though,there is always a bright light at the end of the tunnel.Women and men are going out of their ways to search for this awesome,love,why don’t you?


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