Reasons to never give up

Be of strong heart mind and soul and prove to the world that no matter your situation in life,nothing is impossible,for example look at Nick Vujicic,he has achieved far more than people with their limbs.If he felt pity on himself and believed the world was over for him,what would have happened.he chose to see beyond his impairments.He is not the only one,there are many physically impaired persons who have scaled to greater heights than most of us.They got a success story to share with us,stop whining,use what you have to scale to the height you have ever wanted or dreamt of.

Look at the beauty of life,look positive and you will get positive.Set your dreams and aspirations and make sure you achieve them.Develop patience in you,this is a virtue that has eluded all or most but build it and make patience a part of your daily prayer.
Giving thanks is far more important than what most people ever think of.When you wake up,give thanks.For the positive and negative in your life,never forget to say thank you.It shows you are confident and ready for anything,be open minded and accept that as humans we fall,rising is what makes us different.

Acknowledge that there is a power higher and mightier than you are.Give the almighty glory for He is gracious and without Him you will never been in existence.Why are you on earth?Do you ever wonder?You are not to live forever but the time you have now must never be spent on whining.Stop wasting time and act now,it is the now you have that you will be answerable to in the future.Or who told you,to just live recklessly because you don’t have to answer?You have to,change your ways as the time for reckoning is knocking and it is fast than you think.


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