Though lies are sweet and the truth seems bitter,truth will endure every test,speak the truth always

This is a quote that everyone must live by.Why do we lie?Lying is a selfish way of saying that you are protecting your loved ones or hiding something from people you love.Quit lying,being open sets you free.I must admit though that sometimes one has to lie,like when you don’t want to pick a certain phone call or when you are just tired or just don’t want to be with some intolerable group or just to save ourselves from a situation.Please never turn a little lie here and there into serial lying.Save yourself lots of rehearsing,just be you.If for example, you don’t love or like a certain woman,please stop wasting her time tell her upfront but in a friendly way.
As the quote speaks out loud i leave you to ponder over it as i find something to keep you enticed to take a peep.


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