Children and celebrities

Who is a celebrity? I believe this is one person who is a role model and a model example to most parents or kids and one would want their kids to be a model example to the rest of the kids or world. There are some of these celebrities who don’t make so good examples,they don’t reflect certain aspects of the society and it’s norms.I am not judging but there are is certain behaviour that isn’t so nice,it is outrageous!!!

Recent behaviour by Miley Cyrus in the Video Music Awards wasn’t one that i expected from the Hannah Montana’s fame lady.I was shocked but who i am to judge,maybe it is part of growing up?
A caution to all the youngsters out there,make your own rules and don’t follow a celebrity. Everyone’s definition of morality is different.Let a celebrity be you,be a model to your peers and others around you.

People are different and as they grow up,morality and it’s definition changes.Be firm and never be swayed by the world.If you are a child celebrity,please teach positive and upright behaviour as others are looking up to you. Being expressive and explosive is awesome, but have boundaries. I insist, always be you.


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