After the baby…

This craze of gaining and losing weight is sometimes so blinding. Women who have just given birth are focusing on some things not so important like having a flat tummy after birth? Shift your attention to your bundle of joy and not after weight.
Our bodies respond differently during and after birth and we can never be the same. For some women,they gain weight for some they lose…this is entirely dependant on your body. Appreciate your body as it is and months later you can regain your weight or get back to shape.
There is always one thing i did when i gave birth,simple and non stressing…tie a scarf or as we call it a kanga around your waist and your tummy will deflate,afterwards you can exercise to your best.
But for now,baby joy should be making you beam and walk around the house with that scarf,no stress.
After some months,like three to six, you will not have so much stress going back to shape.

Note: The scarf must be tied tight to your waist until you get back to your original shape. Meanwhile,look at the following article and mull over the content…


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