Money has never been the root cause of evil…point of correction…it is the love of money…insatiable greed for more money is the root cause of evil.
To me,my wealth is this…food,clothing and shelter…simple and easy. Complicating life with living life on the fast lane is not bad…we all have different goals and ambitions,i never dispute that. Are you sure you have attained your ambition,goals? If not,wake up a very hopeful man or woman and keep telling yourself “I am going to make it”.
Then there is the goal of “Let me live my tomorrow now”,by this i mean,when you wake up in the morning,set a goal to achieve,walk by it and because you aren’t guaranteed of tomorrow do the best you can to achieve your ambition,today.
Procrastination is not so enticing,you have done,we have and i have…it is a waste of time.Never say i will do it tomorrow.
In search for money my friends,don’t use greed use patience,slow but sure. Go for money that will last a lifetime not one that in a matter of months or two three years you are back to where you began.
Accept at all times,downfall.Hard a blow but worth resisting but keep working to reach the heights.
Slow but sure you will have all the wealth,money in the world but remember whatever you acquire on earth remains on earth.Stop stressing and take a stride at a time.


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