Sex is divine

It is a union,an intimate moment you share with the person you love. We have changed the meaning of sex into something new…paid sex.casual sex,i use what i have to get want i want,to name but a few. Am warning you,take care of your precious body,it is the temple of the Holy Spirit. The one who gave you that body is so powerful, He can take it from you when you are not using it properly.

Stay faithful,content with your partner.Stop soliciting some unwanted company out there it won’t help.There is a dangerous disease out there and far too many STDs that will weaken your body.I would prefer to know the source of any ailment i have rather than run around looking for the one who gave you i don’t know what.

Love your body and let men eat it with their eyes,give them a hard time to uncover whatever is underneath my dears. Show them you are carrying precious luggage and not some groceries they go pick at a grocery store. Keep ‘her’ as tight as possible,you can wait.When you get one who you believe makes you complete,have as much sex as you can.Enjoy it,but with only him!!!


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