What is making you sulk? Is it your job,not finding a spouse,not being where you want to be in terms of your goal?I have the solution with me…smile.Do you know that a smile spells confidence,love and overcome?Do wear a charming smile everywhere at all times and sure you will have so many friends or strangers approaching to ask a question.
Be sure to leave a positive mark on someone behind you with an angel’s smile. Smile is a charming welcome to your world.Someone may ask,why do you ear smiles in this tough economy?All is hard,life is a struggle and yet your face lights up,tell them it is because you chose to live life smiling and care less of the economy.Take a day at a time and live your day with a smile.

Those who surround you,encourage them to lessen up the wrinkles and frowns…tell them the advantages of a smile. A smile is a blessing and of you can achieve it,let others see it’s importance.We understand that we can’t be equals no matter what,but,picture this…you have a dire problem,like a financial crisis,then you meet a hungry person who looks so hopeless and helpless,try smiling at them,buy something for them to will see a face light up.Then tell them it is not them, you too have problems,no matter how smartly dressed you are. Or see a dying patient,who never takes off a smile on their face compare that patient with your frowning face,then ask yourself,who should be crying,you because you don’t have that designer shoe you have been craving or this person who has been told they have three months to live?

Look at yourself and say you are content with where you are now and what you are,if you see tomorrow,make someone smile and smile too as much as possible.Let not anything or anyone make you inferior or sad,keep smiling and do it with all your heart. Have a charming evening and goodnight to those who are sleeping.I hope to catch up with you again…with a smile of an angel!!!Keep talking i respond to everyone…floor is yours now…


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