Why suicide is not an option.

Who has ever experienced disheartening moments in their lives and are contemplating suicide? Failed jobs,too many liars,failed love,a divorce…why is my marriage falling? How do i deal with such loss? I am certain we all have had our downsides.
I always come here with good news…there are reasons why you must never think suicide.For example,look at Job from the bible,for those going to be offended by my bible talk please try to listen to all sides,you never know where solutions can come from.Job lost all he had,all his wealth and riches,all he had ever worked for but did he at one time curse or blame God? Did he wish he would die? Did he wish he never lived? No,No,NO…Instead,he kept praising God for all He had done for him,for all the good things that he had had in his life.Keep in mind Job also was ill,suffering from leprosy.After all these was over,all the mockery he got from Satan,he never despaired but kept hoping and saying that all happens for a reason and that soon he knew that it will be good.
Now,think of yourself as Job,having great health,great life,kids,marriage and house…all these are world possessions,no one will carry them to the grave.Love is gone,or death has occurred,never ever want to kill yourself,this is against the will of God.We can never be like Job,i know,but it takes a courageous person,to accept to move on from any saddening life event.Just like Job,give thanks to even the ‘littlest’ thing.Thank Him for what He has always done for you all this while.Look back and say,even if am not there,am glad,i have at least had it all.
Life is precious and full of second,third and even endless chances and opportunities.God is too.SO,before jumping off that cliff,or river or taking those sedatives or any other way,think of the awesome things you will lose,think of the risk of never dying,think of the grief.Stop being selfish,the world needs you,we need you,your family needs you.Why are you then going before time? Stop being too hard on yourself,give yourself more chances,stop running away from your hurdles,face it[them],with a smile.It never lasts long,it only depends on what and how you want to deal with challenges.Whatever hatred saves the number.
Remember,we only live once,make the right choices and decisions.We have stages of growth too,embrace them all,a challenge is a stage of growth and opportunity.Hug these blessings in disguise,because they never last so long and after all is gone,life comes back to normal.Those who said,there is light at the end of the tunnel,summarised my writing.


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