Long Ago . . .

I loved to write here on Indomitable Woman . . . once upon a time.

I never knew how, what, where and why but I wrote for a while. Until I got lost in my writing to pursue other ventures. I have realised that even if and when you have moved on to pursue ”other ventures”, please, never abandon what you once loved or adored. That’s why I am back on here to continue pursuing this venture I adored, adore.

I’m hoping my subscribers, readers, followers and haters will be back to subscribe, read, follow, hate and comment too. I would love to write more here, so I’m thinking of posting thrice per week or often than that.

I dislike schedules because they confuse me, so let me say, as often as I can. So, know you’ll never lack something new to read each week. Something rich, vibrant, enormous, mind-wrecking, havoc causer, name it.

In this blog, I dedicated my time and effort to create it for the woman. I haven’t changed that because the woman is a dear topic to me and I know it well. I will feature the frugal fashionista as I had always done but it will be new and full of insightful moments from things I have learnt over the past three years. I will also include a new topic! Men. Why do we not talk about out men? This time, I will. I will talk about our men, the forgotten species. Be sure to check that segment out!

I will feature my journey in pregnancy, post pregnancy, pre pregnancy, what I learnt and I’m learning. The solutions I received. I will post pictures of my post pregnancy body. In this segment, I will reveal some secrets. Secrets I have been keeping away, how I overcame them, how I’m dealing with issues. So, for pregnant women, those planning on getting pregnant, please read, subscribe, comment anonymously because, we all have ”our issues”. The problem is who will hear, who cares . . . this blog does! We got your issues covered – anonymously.

A crafting segment will open up where I will discuss with you, what I am learning. What I am doing to make money, how I am doing it. I won’t reveal things I haven’t experimented yet but sharing for other women and men to try on isn’t bad, is it?

One surprising topic will meet my subscribers every day. Stay tuned, click subscribe and come back. This is where I learnt blogging, never made money on it, but would love to give it a go, see where it takes me.

Got writing jobs for me, send them my way. We can discuss the payment. I will include my address where you’ll get me. I love to talk – too much because I enjoy talking with you.

Thank you for listening . . . hoping to see you again for exciting adventure here on indomitable woman. Send my way suggestions for improvement, critics, annoyances and what not. Always looking forward to hearing from you.


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