Simple #tips for looking or feeling #classy

#Classy=panache,chic,dashing,elegant,exclusive.It could also mean aesthetic or appreciative.Traditionally classy means dashing,elegant,respectable and appreciated.Definition of classy in my own words,woman or anyone who believes that they are the best of  God’s creation no matter,their life situations,the lemon tasted whether served cold or any other way with the ups and downs that come with life.Classy is unique,aesthetic and not every woman possesses this quality.Reason why classy is not in every street corner is because most women focus on insensible values or things like non respect.Respect for example is is sowed,you don’t pick it!Think high class and most definitely you will be high class,it is always in the mind.Do not appear arrogant that is lack of self worth,it only displays one’s level of arrogance and lack of dignity or social values.

We shall sample ways of being classy and behaving classy no matter your social status.Keep reading…!